Monday, January 18, 2010

Here's how it'll work!

So in the title section, you'll post the heading of your joke...or the title that you choose to identify the joke/premise. Feel free to free write your joke here. I will be notified by email every time you post a new joke. After being notified I will enter the blog and read what you have so far.

In the "comments" section below, I will go in and give some direction on how I think the joke should should unfold. I will add tags and try to look for natural callbacks to your other material. Also, if the joke inspires another bit, I will help you write segues to help the bit flow and blend with your entire set.

Also, this blog allows you to post any youtube clips you've uploaded for the two monthly performance reviews.

John Ross

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  1. (Dramatization)
    Wow! I really love what you've done with this joke! It's almost perfect! However, I do have a few ideas. Soon we will have a perfect joke! You will be famous and making millions in no time!